Prepare now to avoid frozen faucets and pipes later….

It’s that time of year! Time to to disconnect your garden hoses from the faucets. If you don’t they could freeze and cause the faucet to crack which could mean extensive water damage. We hope that doesn’t happen to you but if it does we are here to help! We respond 24 hours a day to […]

Tips For Carpet Spots & Stains

If spot is wet, blot it, don’t rub. Rubbing will spread the soil. If spot is dry, loosen soil and vacuum away. Rinse cleaned area thoroughly. If cleaning product is not removed it may cause the cleaned area to attract soil. Many detergents are dirt magnets! When removing stains, always use a white cloth. When […]

Tips to prevent Water Damage in your home

Here’s some tips to prevent a big water damage in your home. It can save you $$$ and a big inconvenience of having drying equipment and crews in your home for days. Replace old water heaters. Water heaters do damage when they get too old and the tank rusts and bursts, allowing water to pour […]

When & how often to clean your Oriental Rugs

A common question we get from clients is ,”How often should I clean my Oriental Rug?” Honestly have your rug cleaned only when it really needs it. For rugs in some areas of your house with high traffic or near an outside door this will mean a yearly cleaning. Rugs in other areas can go […]