Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes Your Home Shine

professional carpet cleaning anchorage, carpet cleaning anchorage, carpet cleaning services anchorageAs we all spent more time in our homes over the last year, we realized it really is our refuge. Having a safe haven in the storm allowed us to work, go to school, care for our families and live our best lives– even in a difficult year. Whether you are happy with the floors you have, or looking to replace them for trendy new options. And part of managing the house is keeping the floors and carpets clean. 

Regardless of the latest upgrades and innovations of hard surface flooring, carpet remains one of the more popular flooring options out there. Manufacturers are making huge strides and technological advancements to produce never-before-seen carpet looks and trends. Modern carpet creates a cozy, pretty backdrop for your room. And count on TCM in Anchorage  and the Mat Su Valley to keep them clean and fresh. It is important to have your carpets professionally cleaned to ensure the best clean and the best look!

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Anchorage & The Mat Su Valley

Carpet Tiles

With a room full of broadloom carpet, if you damage or stain just one small area, you typically have to replace the entire thing. The main advantage of carpet tile is that you can just replace that one piece after a stain- perfect for a household full of pets and kids. In fact, carpet tiles are the biggest carpet trend for basements, in particular. Many come with waterproof options and they are perfect for temperamental, water-prone basements

Color Trends

Flooring trends change throughout the years, recently medium brown tones struck the right note with homeowners. Flooring finishes ranging from ebony to driftwood are also very popular. Another trend is allowing flooring imperfections such as the mineral streaks and knots to serve as part of the aesthetics and create a more natural feel.   

Waterproof Carpets

Incredible technology can make new carpets 100% waterproof. In any room in the house, these waterproof carpets won’t soak up the water and stain or get moldy.  No longer relegated to green AstroTurf, the stylish options will complement any décor aesthetic.

Recycled Carpet

The recycled flooring trend is an extension of an environmentally responsible movement. Most available carpet is now being made from at least a proportion of recycled materials. In recent years, manufacturers have been able to create carpet fiber from recycled plastics, such as the plastic used to make beverage bottles. It takes approximately 50 two-liter bottles to create one square yard of carpet fiber.

Like “virgin” plastics, the recycled plastic carpeting fibers often are more stain-resistant and color-fast than materials such as wool, and manufacturing carpeting using recycled plastics produces fewer emissions than using virgin plastics.

TCM Restoration & Cleaning (The Carpet Man Inc.) is an independent, Alaskan owned business that has been serving Anchorage and Mat Su Valley since 1996. This local, small cleaning business puts your family, and your home, first!

For any emergencies involving your carpets, immediately call TCM Restoration & Cleaning. They will quickly arrive with state of the art equipment, and  some of their hardworking, well trained, dedicated team members. Let them bring the manpower and equipment to save your home from more damage.