What to Expect During Your Water Damage Restoration Project

What to Expect During Your Water Damage Restoration Project

Water Damage

Day 1

You discover the water damage in your home. You call TCM and our team responds and begins emergency dryout procedures.

If you are filing an insurance claim, Pre-approval and a price estimate is not needed. We will calculate the price and submit the invoice to the insurance company after the mitigation phase is complete.

Mitigation Phase

3-5 Days

This is what we refer to as the ‘Mitigation Phase’ of your project. Drying equipment is in place and is being checked on daily by our staff.

We would like to keep you up to date and informed of the progress as we work on your home (or business) During the first 3-5 day drying process, we usually check in with you once per day. Would it be ok with you if we do that in the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm? If not then, what time would be most convenient? Would you rather have a phone call, e mail, or text?

Construction project approval, planning and setup

5-10 days (depending on insurance and mortgage company this phase can take several weeks)

After drying is complete, there is usually a pause in work at the jobsite. Please understand that this does not mean that we are not working to get your home back together. Between the time that we remove that last of the drying equipment from your home and construction begins, there’s a lot going on:

Our estimator sketches the floor plan of your home and writes an estimate (invoice) for the mitigation work that we have completed to your insurance adjuster.

The estimator then writes an estimate for the repairs. He and your insurance adjuster need to come to an agreement on the scope of work (what needs to get done) and the estimate (the cost for what needs to get done)

Once the estimator has reached an agreed scope of work with your adjuster and you, he turns the project over to our construction project manager. The project manager then starts planning the project including scheduling employees, subcontractors, inspectors, etc.

The project manager will also need to meet with you to get your selections for paint, flooring, finishes, etc.

When your insurance company issues a check to pay for repairs, they will often name the policy holder (you) and also the restoration company, and your mortgage company. Our inside project coordinator can help make the process of getting your mortgage company to release funds much easier on you.


1-90 days

Don’t worry, the project manager will give you a written schedule so that you know what to expect.

The time to complete the repairs to your home vary depending on the scope of work. If we are replacing some trim and re-stretching carpet, it may only take a day. If we are repairing after a devastating flood affecting several levels of a home including kitchens and bathrooms, the process will take much longer. Will weekly communication be adequate?


5 years

After we complete your final walk thru and you sign a certificate of completion and satisfaction we will present you with our incredible 5 year, 5 star guarantee!