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Preventing Water Damage In the Kitchen

Completing tasks in the kitchen, like cooking and cleaning, would not be possible without the use of water. However, water in the wrong place can lead to disaster. Water damage is likely to occur when any amount of water is left to sit, and not all water damage is immediately noticeable, so it’s essential to […]

water damage restoration anchorage

The Average Costs Of Water Damage Restoration

A water pipe bursting or leaking can be a problem for homeowners, but a different kind of problem compared to an overflowing dishwasher or washing machine. And although they still are a hassle, they are less troublesome compared to a broken or clogged drain pipe or backed-up toilet. Knowing the source of the water damage […]

water damage restoration anchorage

Signs Of Water Damage In A Bathroom

When you are a first-time homeowner, one of the biggest challenges you may have to deal with is recognizing a problem. Water damage is a significant culprit of damage within a home and can quickly go unnoticed, especially to those who have never dealt with its effects. It can happen anywhere in a home, but […]

water damage restoration anchorage

How To Determine If Your Floors Are Water Damaged

Water damage can come by complete surprise and shock anyone when it rears its ugly head. It has an effect on anything and everything that it can touch, especially within your home. Unfortunately, one of the most susceptible parts of your home to water damage is the flooring. They usually experience the brunt of the […]

water damage restoration anchorage

How Much Water Does It Take To Cause Water Damage?

The reality is that water damage can occur very quickly with little water. Though different factors determine how fast and bad the damage is, no amount of water should be left unattended and must be taken care of immediately. Water damage can be devastating to any homeowner, especially when considering the amount of loss that […]

water damage restoration anchorage

How To Prevent Winter Water Damage

Winter can be one of the most challenging times for many homeowners. Severe storms are more frequent during winter, which can cause a lot of anxiety. However, even when the storm does pass, your home may still be susceptible to damage, such as water damage. Water damage is one of the most common causes of […]

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How To Reduce The Risk Of Candles Causing A Fire

Candles are great for a lot of reasons, but all these benefits come with the very heavy cost of their potential to start deadly house fires. Fire damage experts generally recommend not using candles with an open flame for this reason. However, if you do decide to use candles, there are a few simple things […]

water damage restoration anchorage

Key Factors In Choosing A Water Damage Restoration Company

One of the most important decisions you will make after a flood or water damage disaster is what water damage restoration company to call. Having a quality, reliable water damage restoration company on your side after a flood is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your home receives the […]

water damage restoration anchorage

What You Need To Know About Bathtub Leaks

Bathtub leaks are a source of water damage that often plagues homeowners. These leaks can typically be prevented with the appropriate precautions, but it is easy to neglect to take these steps.  Water Damage Restoration Anchorage Our water damage restoration technicians at TCM Restoration often encounter the aftermath of bathtub leaks. Here are a few […]

water damage restoration anchorage

Three Downsides Of DIY Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with a flooded home and a massive water damage mess is one of the last things anyone wants to deal with. If your home is flooded, it may seem appealing to clean up the mess and restore the damage on your own. While this is a good idea in some cases, you need to […]

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