Anchorage Professional Carpet Cleaning

professional carpet cleaning anchorage, carpet cleaning anchorage, carpet care anchorageAnchorage, Alaska enjoys snow and ice much of the year.  Beautiful, blue, but cold.  Fortunately, though summer days are few in number, they’re long in hours.  Anchorage can have summer days that seemingly last forever, with sunlight beaming through the windows of your home for around 20 hours a day in June and July.  Anchorage residents take this opportunity to participate in activities outside the home, to experience as much daylight as possible.  Coming home, there are plenty of stories and memories on the bottom of our shoes, but with those memories come plenty of outside dirt, grime, and oftentimes moisture as well.  Spreading this throughout your home carpet may seem like the easiest way to rid yourself of having to clean your shoes, but carpets need to be taken care of too.  If carpets aren’t properly cared for with a professional cleaning, the carpet, your home, and your loved ones could be negatively affected

Delamination occurs when an excessive amount of water is left on the carpet for an extended amount of time, causing the glue that often holds the fibers together to loosen and weaken.  If the glue disintegrates enough, the carpet can begin to unravel or fall apart.  Loose, unsecured carpets are cause for multiple injuries among children and the elderly.  The detached strands of carpeting can pose a choking or strangling hazard for very small children.  If the carpet is not sturdy, those who are elderly can trip and fall.  These are only the most immediate negative outcomes of an unkempt carpet that has not had a professional cleaning.  Delamination does not only affect the actual integrity of the carpet, but it allows for mold growth.  Mold thrives in dark, moist areas, which the carpet provides.  Mold inhalation can cause temporary allergic reaction, or in more extensive cases, life-long upper respiratory diseases.  Even if the carpet itself is not necessarily dangerous, mold growth or unraveling carpet can be very unsightly and decrease the value of your home.

Rather than try to tackle the time-consuming upkeep of your carpet yourself, contact your local professional carpet cleaners to help you avoid potential carpet catastrophes.

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Anchorage

TCM Restoration & Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning service company located in Anchorage, Alaska.  This local, family-owned and operated general contractor has independently serviced the Mat Su Valley since 1996, and continues to give their clients outstanding service.  TCM provides three different categories of professional carpet cleaning service, gold, silver and bronze.  However, three rooms and a hallway up to 500 feet will receive some of Anchorage’s top-of-the-line service, regardless of the category you select.  This includes advanced carpet-cleaning technology and equipment designed to work in even the deepest of carpet fibers that effectively cleans and removes stains, grease, debris, etc.  They offer a scheduled routine carpet cleaning every 6-12 months, or a one-time deep cleaning of your beloved flooring.  The 44 hard working and well-trained professionals at TCM proudly serve the Anchorage, Wasilla, and Palmer areas.  Anchorage gets beautifully long summer days that allow residents to appreciate all the outdoor excitement Alaska has to offer.  So relish in worrying about what to do in the great outdoors, and let TCM Restoration & Cleaning worry about your home’s indoors.