5 Signs Of Drywall Water Damage

water damage restoration anchorage, water damage anchorage, water damage cleanup anchorageOne part of a home that is most easily affected by water damage is drywall. Due to its fragile and porous nature, drywall doesn’t have to be exposed to flood water for long before it is severely (and potentially irreparably) damaged. So you can know if you need to replace your drywall after a flood or if you can repair the drywall you have, here are five signs of drywall water damage and their implications for the state of your drywall. First, however, remember that the best way to save your drywall after a flood is to contact a professional water damage restoration company like we at TCM Restoration in Anchorage and the Mat Su Valley as soon as you can after a flood. 

Stains And Water Spots

As water damage progresses, it will begin to leave stains and spots on everything it affects. If you see any stains or spots on your drywall then you can know that the water damage is fairly significant. The odds are high that you will need to replace the drywall entirely. 


Similar to staining, discoloration is another effect that water damage can have on drywall. Again, if your drywall is damaged to the point that is discolored, it is likely that you will need to have it replaced and have water damage restoration begin. 

Peeling Paint And Wallpaper

Peeling paint and wallpaper is another indication of drywall damage. It is an especially helpful indicator because you don’t have to actually go through your outer wall to the drywall to see it. Peeling paint and wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean that your drywall is damaged. However, it does mean that your wall was exposed to a significant amount of water so it is likely that your drywall was damaged as well. This is an indication that you should check your drywall since it may be damaged. 

Bubbling Paint

Just like peeling paint and wallpaper can signal a possible problem with your drywall, bubbling paint is another indication that you should check your drywall. This is because if the damage was severe enough that your paint began bubbling the water probably made its way to your drywall. Thus, you need to inspect your drywall for damage before it begins to mold or sustain further damage. 

Sagging Or Crumbling

This is the ultimate sign of damaged drywall. If it is sagging or crumbling, then it has sustained severe water damage. Your best bet at this point is to replace the drywall completely. Sagging or crumbling drywall is impossible to repair in most cases. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Anchorage and The Mat Su Valley

No matter the level of damage to your drywall or your home after a flood, one of your first steps after a water damage event should be to call a professional water damage restoration company for help. We at TCM Restoration in Anchorage and the Mat Su Valley are one such company, and we are here to help you save your drywall and every other part of your home that may have been damaged in a home.