Fire Damage Restoration in Anchorage: Common Causes

The National Fire Protection Association reported that a fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds on average every year across the United States, with reports of home fires every 93 seconds. That statistic seems alarming, and it is. Anchorage House fires are devastating and dangerous and occur way too often. Let’s look at the most common causes of house fires so you can take extra precautions and preventative measures to keep your home from being one of those statistics. The U.S. Fire Administration has recorded the most common causes of house fires requiring fire damage restoration, and we will share with you the top 3. 

Most Common Fire Damage Causes

  1. Kitchen or Cooking Fires
  2. Heating Devices
  3. Carelessness

1. Kitchen or Cooking Fires

Kitchen or cooking food unattended. If any appliance is on and hot, you need to be present and aware. You should also keep cooking surfaces clean and clean up spilled food particles before they burn on an appliance, where they can create smoke and ignite flames. It is essential to keep flammable objects away from heat sources and not leave cluttered things close to anything that can get hot or is already hot. We cannot emphasize enough how beneficial being cautious in the kitchen is in preventing fires from starting. 

Smoke and fire damage from an unattended oven.

2. Heating Device

Heating devices are the second most common cause of house fires, and while the prevalence of fires from heating is going down, they are still too common. Portable heaters placed too close to other objects, fire burning stoves that have not been cleaned or misused, and blocked chimneys are just a few ways that heat sources can lead to fires. Be sure to keep up on routine maintenance of wood-burning stoves and ensure enough clearance around space heaters. Also, do not leave heaters on when unattended, just like with cooking food – this can be a recipe for disaster.

3. Carelessness

The third leading cause of house fires is unintentional mistakes or carelessness. This statistic is heartbreaking and is slowly rising. There has been a 22% increase in unintentional residential fires in the last ten years that are often the result of carelessness. We know mistakes happen, and no one is perfect, but we all need to be better in fire safety and prevention in our homes. Unattended burning candles, matches stored in an easily accessible location to children, failing to put out cigarettes completely, leaving gas tanks turned on when no longer in use, and storing combustible items near heat sources are just some of the common mistakes we fall victim to that can result in fires. 

In summary, being more aware, cautious, and intentional with fire safety and precaution in your home can significantly reduce the risk of fires from occurring and may just save you from needing fire damage restoration. If you do find yourself in need of smoke or fire damage restoration services give TCM Restoration & Cleaning a call.