Fire In Your Anchorage Home: A Guide To Recovery

A fire in your Anchorage home can be a traumatic experience. Once a fire has devastated your home, it can be challenging to figure out what to do to begin the fire damage restoration process. The following are essential steps to take to ensure you and your family will be on the path to recovery:fire damage restoration anchorage

Ensure Safety

After the fire, ensure each family member, including pets, is accounted for. If they are not with you, let an emergency responder know, and they will find your family member. Check in with them emotionally and ensure that they are safe.

Homeowners Insurance

If you have homeowners insurance, contact your insurance company. If you are renting, contact your landlord. Restoration companies can help you through this process and offer expert guidance and support in navigating insurance company interactions.

Salvage What You Can

Do your best to find out what parts of your property are salvageable. Were there any parts of your home that were untouched by the fire? Were there any rooms that only had minor smoke damage? Your restoration team will be very helpful in knowing which items are safe to take out and which must be replaced or restored.

Determine If Your Home Is Safe

Fire damage experts will determine if your home is safe. They will inspect to see if there is structural damage, such as exposed framing or cracked or caved-in ceilings. Fire damage experts will assess what materials and surfaces are covered in soot. If a strong smoke smell lingers in the air, fire damage experts will create a plan to remove this odor. After the initial assessment, if the property is not deemed safe to enter, it will be boarded up and repairs made to return the property back to safety.

Organize Possessions

Once your home has been secured, you can begin organizing your property into what can and cannot be saved. Be careful not to handle damaged electronics or electrical circuits so you do not accidentally shock yourself or your family. 

Find A Place to Stay

Contact friends or family to find a place to stay. Local relief shelters, such as the American Red Cross or Salvation Army, can help you and your family find food, clothes, and shelter during this tragedy.

Following the steps above is crucial, but it’s equally important to be aware of what to avoid after a fire in your Anchorage home. You should take care not to use any furniture or electronics that have been affected by the fire. Avoid cleaning surfaces in your home, including walls, furniture, and clothing. Soot and ash may contain hazardous chemicals. For the safety of your health, it’s recommended to have these materials professionally cleaned. You should also be careful not to consume food that has been affected by any smoke or soot. Coming in contact with fire damage can be dangerous to your body and cause health problems. 

Taking these steps is a foundation to make sure you and your family are prepared to deal with the aftermath of a fire and begin fire damage restoration. Although the fire damage restoration process can be overwhelming, the experts at TCM will take the best care possible of you and your home. Don’t hesitate to contact our team when you’re in need.