Signs Of Water Damage To Watch For To Prevent Serious Damage

water damage restoration anchorageWater damage doesn’t always happen in an obvious form like flooding. In fact, a lot of water damage in our Anchorage homes actually happens in places we cannot see like behind the walls or in crawl spaces. Slow leaking appliances or a leaky roof can go on for extended amounts of time before you realize that there is even a problem leaving you in need of some serious water damage restoration. For cases like this, you need to know the signs of water damage so you can act fast and get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. 

Water Damage Restoration In Anchorage

Here at TCM Restoration, we specialize in water damage restoration and we have come to know the signs of water damage. The following are several we’d like to share with you:

  1. Mold: If you find mold growing in your home, there is a source of water aiding and sustaining its growth. In other words, you also have water damage somewhere. Mold can take on many different appearances from patchy fuzzy-like growths to stringy branch-like growths. It can range in colors from green to brown and white to black. If you notice mold in your home or suspect a mold problem, be sure to get it inspected right away. 
  2. Watermarks: Dark or wet spots can appear on ceilings, walls, and floors when there is water damage. Watermarks will have irregular borders and may change shape or grow in size over time. As they dry, they may turn a lighter color or just leave the stain of a ring behind. Watermarks are very unsightly but also very telling – they are obvious signs of water damage.
  3. Cracks: Cracking in walls or floorboards, even ceilings, can be indicative of water damage. Materials like sheetrock, drywall, and floorboards can only absorb so much water before they will begin to show signs of damage, cracking is one of the most common. Bending and warping are also common signs of water damage so if you notice those, odds are there is a hidden leak in the area.
  4. Odors: You know that smell when a load of laundry got forgotten in the washing machine? Yep, that distinct oldy smell? Well, if you notice that smell in your home but the laundry has not been neglected, you probably have water damage somewhere you cannot see. Musty odors will result from water-sodden materials that have not been dried and will often lead you to find water damage.
  5. Puddles: Slow and steady leaks under sinks, by pipes, or around appliances can eventually create puddles of water. Water puddles can often go unnoticed in areas like crawl spaces, attics, and under sinks. If you notice pools of water that you have wiped up but keep re-appearing, there is probably a water leak responsible for it.

Be on the lookout for potential signs of water damage in your home so that you can respond right away and stop the problem before it leaves you needing extensive water damage restoration. You can trust the water damage restoration experts at TCM Restoration to respond to your water damage as soon as possible 24 hours a day. Call us at the first sign of water damage.