The Average Costs Of Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration anchorageA water pipe bursting or leaking can be a problem for homeowners, but a different kind of problem compared to an overflowing dishwasher or washing machine. And although they still are a hassle, they are less troublesome compared to a broken or clogged drain pipe or backed-up toilet. Knowing the source of the water damage can help you know a ballpark of the costs associated with the damage and the restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Costs In Anchorage

Depending on the water source, water damage restoration, and costs can vary. While it might be important for you to know the source of your water damage, only water damage specialists like our crew at TCM Restoration can accurately categorize your water damage and provide you with more precise estimates. 

Category 1: Clean Water Damage Restoration $3 To $5 Per Square Foot

To be classified as Category one, the clean water must not have been in contact with fecal matter or chemicals. Although it is still troublesome to clean up, drying carpets can cost anywhere from $1 to $12 per square foot, and sheetrock that may need to be replaced can range from $1 to $4 per square foot for replacement.

Broken water lines, leaky faucets or toilet tanks, burst pipes, broken sprinklers, faulty water heaters, and rain are the most common clean water disasters. Clean up and drying your space quickly is most important or else your clean water can turn to mold or mildew if not quickly remediated, and your costs will increase.  

Category 2: Gray Water Damage Restoration $4 To $7.50 Per Square Foot

Although Category two water does not contain fecal matter, gray water includes harmful contaminants such as chemicals or urine, detergents, or other cleaning solutions. Gray water cleanup can be hazardous! Restoration and cleaning up gray water is more expensive than clean water, and materials such as hardwood floors cost between $10 to $17 per square foot. Drywall and plaster repair may also cost $6 to $20 per square foot. 

An appliance overflow problem, including your dishwasher or washing machine, is the usual culprit of gray water contamination. Toilet bowl overflow can also be classified as gray water if it only contains chemicals and or urine. Bacteria growth can be a concern with gray water contamination, so that could possibly drive up the cost of restoration. 

Category 3: Black Water Damage Restoration $7 To $8.50 Per Square Foot

Category three water is water that contains sewage. Black water restoration comes at a higher price because any porous materials must be carefully removed to avoid further contamination and completely replaced. Carpets and padding, curtains, fabrics, upholstered furniture, and other items would need to be completely disposed of. 

Usually, the result of sewage backup, broken pipes, and backup due to flooding–including overflowing lakes or rivers, black water can destroy items on contact. 

To ensure a proper clean-up of clean, gray, or black water damage and restoration, water damage specialists will take all necessary steps to inspect, properly identify and provide a clean and healthy environment. Dealing with any kind of water damage on your own is frustrating and overwhelming in every way possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team of professionals at TCM Restoration. We’re available and ready to help 24/7 to serve you in your time of need best.