What Does A Fire Damage Restoration Company Do?

fire damage restoration anchorageIn response to a car wreck, first responders show up within minutes, to safely assess and transport people who may be hurt. Though their response is critical and important, we don’t rely on just first responders for our health care. Ambulances transfer people to hospitals, where healing can take place over time with the help of doctors’ expertise under watchful eyes. Similarly, a plan to remedy fire damage of a home or workplace would be incomplete if the last step was a crew of firemen putting out the fire with a hose from a truck! After the initial emergency action has been taken, it is important to follow up with a fire damage restoration company to ensure maximum recovery of your home or other property. 

Fire Damage Restoration Company Serving Anchorage and surrounding locations throughout Alaska.

Aside from cleaning or replacing stuff, what does a fire damage restoration company do? Well, this post-fire-emergency equivalent of a “good doctor” can offer you a wide range of important services- based on whatever you’ll need to fully recover! Here are a few of the things that the fire damage restoration experts at TCM Restoration can help you with after your home is exposed to this nasty type of disaster: 

  1. Emergency board-up of spaces to help prevent looting or vandalism. Our guarantee is that we can be at your residence within 90 minutes of your call, to start boarding up your property to keep it safe. 
  2. Content pack-out, cleaning, and storage. Experts can tell you when you’re safe to use, eat, or sit on stuff and when further action is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We promise to take care of your belongings and be efficient, careful, and thorough when cleaning and packing them. With our careful cleaning process, you can rest assured that they will be in the best possible condition when they are ready to return to your property. 
  3. Smoke odor removal, which seems almost impossible to properly accomplish without professional help. We do so safely, to prevent corrosion, neutralize harmful chemicals, and prevent odors. 
  4. Water damage mitigation. Often, fire damage can be a two-headed problem, because the water that is used to put out fires can cause damage, too. Luckily, TCM Restoration is authorized and experienced in this department, too. 
  5. Reconstruction. We can help you “pick up the pieces” and rebuild damaged parts of your home after fire damage. We are confident that we can help restore your home to its pre-fire condition, or even better. 

Let us be your first call if you’re a property owner in Anchorage or the Valley who has recently sustained fire damage. We are ready for your call. Acting in a timely manner (which applies to both the caller and the restoration company, who should show up on scene as soon as possible) is important to any full fire damage restoration process. Call our fire damage restoration experts now to find out more about how we can help you with every step in the process of recovering what has been lost in your fire emergency.