Why Fire Damage Repair Includes More Than The Flames

Most homeowners’ worst nightmare is experiencing a house fire. Fires can start in various ways and can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. Restoration work after a fire is necessary and should be handled by professionals with proper training. Not only is DIY fire damage repair dangerous, but it is also more extensive than you might think on the surface level. Using a professional restoration company that knows how to check and repair every problem without cutting corners is incredibly important. This blog will delve into the different types of damage you may experience after a house fire and why hiring a professional restoration company is a wise decision. fire damage restoration anchorage

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can extend far beyond where the flames ended. Too much smoke inhalation can be harmful to your health, especially your lungs. Proper precautions must be taken to protect you and your loved ones from smoke damage long after the fire is put out. Restoration experts are trained and equipped with personal protection equipment specifically designed for fire damage clean-up. Removing the smell of smoke from materials such as carpet and upholstery is an extensive job. A professional restoration company will have the proper cleaning solutions to remove the smell of smoke safely and efficiently.

Water Damage and Mold

When a house fire occurs, the first priority is ensuring everyone can safely evacuate immediately. Next, fire department members will work to extinguish the flames. It is no secret that this means spraying a significant amount of water all over the interior of your home until the fire is extinguished. Unfortunately, it means that your home will also experience water damage. It only takes 24 hours for mold to form after water damage occurs, so before the water is extracted, you will likely experience mold growth as well. A restoration company will be able to help you with both of these problems as they work to restore your home after a fire.

Structural Damage

Even surfaces that look barely scorched by fire could have more damage than meets the eye. The structural integrity of your home could be compromised. It is essential to have a professional inspect your home and make sure it is safe before reentering your home. You will also need your home inspected to see what damage has occurred to the materials that make up your home’s bones. Wood, drywall, plumbing, and insulation could all be damaged even if flames did not directly touch them. If anything has warped out of shape or melted, you will likely need to repair or replace these materials early in restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration—Anchorage, Alaska

If you are not a trained and certified restoration professional, it can be hard to determine how extensive the damage is after a disaster like a house fire. The best way to ensure your home is restored correctly is to hire a professional to fix everything completely. If you experience a fire in your Anchorage home, call TCM Restoration to help you through the restoration process to ensure your home is safe and secure.