A Look Into The Fire Damage Restoration Process

fire damage restoration anchorage, fire damage repair anchorage, fire damage cleanup anchorageFire has been an important resource for humankind since its discovery 2 million years ago. While it provides warmth, lighting and protection, it can also pose a threat if left uncontrolled. 

Fire runs on fuel, and there’s no limit as to what counts as fuel. Worst case scenario is your home and belongings become the fuel that a fire feeds off of. In these type of circumstances, you’ll need to contact a professional fire damage restoration company like TCM in Anchorage. 

Fire Damage Restoration In Anchorage

When you call an expert team, they will go through all the necessary steps to clean and restore your property after a fire. Here’s an overview of what we will do for you:

1. Remove Unsalvageable Items: 

This can be a difficult step for the valuable items we don’t want to lose; however, it’s necessary for the fire damage restoration process. Our professionals will do all the work for you so you don’t have to watch your belongings go away. 

2. Conduct Assessment For Additional Water Or Mold Damage:

Water or mold damage is common after a fire, usually because the flames are hosed down in order to be extinguished. Since water pressure bearing down on the building can weaken it, we will check for structural damages in addition to mold damages

3. Clean And Repair HVAC System And Properly Dry The Areas: 

After damage, the repair process must begin immediately. Making sure the HVAC system is clean and functioning, and drying out affected areas is one of the first steps the fire damage restoration experts will take. 

4. Repair Salvageable Items, Restore The Property: 

Not all your items and belongings will be lost in a fire. Our experts will identify the salvageable items and restore them back to their original condition. They will also repair any damaged structures like your flooring, walls, ceilings, etc. 

5. Restore The Air Quality In Your Property: 

Oftentimes the aftermath of a fire can be more dangerous than the flames itself. The smoke and soot that’s left behind can cause serious respiratory and health problems if not taken care of properly. Our fire damage restoration experts will not only clean up all the soot, but they will remove any lingering smells and odors. 

Fire damage can cause extreme devastation. Take important steps to contact the fire damage restoration experts at TCM in Anchorage to ensure full cleanup and restoration after a fire. We guarantee the best service and will do everything we can to return your property back to a safe environment.