From Novice To Pro: Dealing With Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration anchorageDo you remember your childhood years? Back in elementary school, where you were just starting to learn about how the world worked and what you could become? Do you remember some of the school drills that they taught you? Like to hide under your desk if there was an earthquake. Or to know where the exits were in the building. Probably the most famous drill is the fire drill. As soon as the alarm sounded, you knew to get up and walk quickly, but orderly, to the nearest exit towards your meeting spot for headcount. Knowing how to be safe when trouble happens is really important. So what if you experience fire damage to your home or property? Would you know how to handle the situation? 

It is important to know what to do in situations like these to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Fire damage in any situation is an unpleasant one, but not knowing what to do can leave you feeling helpless and in a bit of a panic. However, the fire damage restoration experts at TCM Restoration, located in Anchorage have some advice to help in your time of need.

Fire Damage Restoration In Anchorage

 Here are a few things that you can do if you see or experience these types of damages:

  1. Contact your local cleanup crew: Fire damage restoration professionals, like those at Champion Cleaning Systems, located in Stockbridge, know how to properly handle these situations. They will be able to board up windows, roof, and damaged areas to prevent further loss of your property. It is important to trust these professionals. They understand how important your belongings are to you, so they will take good care of them.
  2. Check how you can clean your home: There are a few tricks you can do to help your home while you wait for the professionals to arrive. To protect the chrome trim on your faucets, you can wash them with detergent and apply a coat of Vaseline.
    1. Cleaning tip number two: Blow off loose smoke particles from upholstery, draperies, and carpeting.
    2. Cleaning tip number three: if the weather permits, and it is safe to do so, open any windows in your home to help ventilate the area. The smell of smoke and soot are sure to be in your home, so this will help with the odor, as well as make it more safe to breathe.
    3. Cleaning tip number four: Empty refrigerators and freezers if electricity is off and prop doors open to allow circulation. Again, air circulation is very important. 
  3. Do not wipe or attempt to clean fire residue from walls, ceilings, or absorbent surfaces. This is a job that is meant to be taken care of by the fire damage restoration professionals. There may be underlying damage that you are not aware of from the fire damage, so it is important to leave this for the fire damage restoration specialists. 

By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to be prepared in the face of fire damage. Like they taught you in school, practice makes permanent and by understanding these skills, you will be able to handle the fire damage, and the potential fire damage restoration, like a pro.