Avoid Disasters: Stay Away From DIY Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage restoration anchorageFires, whether big or small, cause major damage to homes and businesses in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, and surrounding communities. Structural fires are a nightmare to clean up and can become bigger problems than they initially started out as if they are not handled properly.

TCM Restoration has years of experienced cleaning and restoring buildings that have been damaged by fire, smoke and soot. We have seen all kinds of situations where “do-it-yourself” methods were used before professional fire damage restoration crews were called. Here’s why you DON’T want to do that!

Fire Damage Cleanup In Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley & Surrounding Areas

Time Is Crucial

Any type of fire disaster requires an immediate response to clean up and restore the damage before it spreads or causes permanent damage. Soot is nortorious for etching into glass when it is allowed to sit too long. Smoke and smoke odors becomes increasingly difficult to remove the longer it is left without professional smoke remediation. Structural damage can intensify and cause the structure to become weak.

DIY methods often cause bigger problems after a fire because smoke and soot require experience and the proper equipment to clean up the right way. Professional grade equipment is necessary to get the remnants of a fire out the right way – and safely.


Fire damage cleanup teams are trained to handle hazards that come up after a structural fire. Long after the flames are put out, the lingering smoke and soot can cause serious safety concerns to those who are not trained in fire damage remediation.

Smoke left over from a fire can be deadly if it breathed in for too long or in great depth. Different chemicals and particles linger in the air after a fire and will settle inside the burnt property. Any disturbance of the property will stir these up and make the air quality quite poor. Professional restoration companies have the proper safety equipment and are trained to keep themselves and others safe while cleaning up a home or business after a fire.

Fires will also weaken the structural integrity of a building which can cause the building to collapse. It can be extremely difficult to determine the extent of damage caused by a fire if you are inexperienced. Even small fires can become a large hazard. Do not enter a damaged property after a fire until it has been cleared and you are given permission.

Water Damage And Mold

The fire itself is only one problem that your building suffers after a fire. The firefighting efforts often cause serious water damage which leads to mold if not taken care of correctly and right away. Professional restoration companies like TCM Restoration are trained to handle the fire, water and mold damage that home and business owners face. Immediate assistance stops more damage from happening and current damage from spreading.

Fire damage restoration efforts can include emergency board up and tarping to keep outside elements out of the structure while it is being repaired. Professional water damage restoration and clean up is also included, as well as mold remediation. TCM Restoration can do all of the clean up for you so that you don’t have to rely on several different companies for different parts of the repairs.

Professionals teams like TCM Restoration will make sure the job is done immediately, correctly, and safely. Don’t get sucked into the “coolness” of “do-it-yourself” methods for home repairs. Fire damage a whole different ball game. Contact the professionals at TCM for help right away.