Signs Of Water Damage

water damage restoration anchorageWater damage happens to homes and businesses for a number of reasons. Indoor pipes might burst, the bathtub can overflow, seasonal rain can infiltrate the property, or an appliance might malfunction. Whatever the reason, water damage needs to be contained and cleaned up immediately to avoid extended damage and costly repairs.

However, water damage isn’t always noticeable. Sometimes water damage happens because of a slow leak inside the walls or behind the kitchen sink. Often, moisture has built up in areas of the home or business that are not visited often, like the attic or basement. Whatever the case may be, water damage can cause serious structural damage and mold. To make sure any home or business property is safe and fully restored after a water damage event, contact TCM Restoration right away. Anchorage and Mat Su Valley is safe in the hands of TCM.

Water Damage Signs

If you are worried about possible water damage inside your property, here are some signs to watch for.

  1. Discoloration – If you notice discoloration in your walls, flooring, or ceiling, this can indicate possible water damage. Water damage often happens due to a slow leak inside the walls, from the roof, or in plumbing areas of a home or business. Keep an eye out for discoloration and contact a professional water damage restoration team for an inspection.
  2. Buckling, Warping, Sagging – Floors and walls of a home or business will show signs of water damage in different ways. Any spots that are soft, damp, or wet without reason should be checked. Wood floors will buckle and warp and ceiling water damage will cause the ceiling to soften and start sagging. This requires emergency help so be sure to call TCM Restoration immediately.
  3. Moldy Smell – The smell of mold and mildew is pretty hard to miss. It is often noticed in attics, basements, and crawlspaces where foot traffic is minimal so water damage isn’t detected very easily. If you smell a musty mildew-like odor, contact our water damage cleanup crew right away.
  4. MoldMold is going to happen very shortly after water damage occurs. If you notice spots of mold in your home or business, the water damage has already set-in and needs to be remediated to get rid of the mold and stop further damage from spreading.
  5. Water Bill – Your water bill will indicate potential water loss if you see your water bill jump in cost. Small leaks in water pipes won’t just damage your property, but it will cause an increase in your water damage bill. If you notice your water bill going up, call a professional to look at your property and look for moisture problems.
  6. Softening – This was mentioned above, but it’s great to cover on it’s own. Softening can be felt in carpets, wood floors, laminate floors, walls, and the ceiling. Soft spots are huge indications of water damage to the struture of a property. Water damage professionals can completely dry soft spots with incredible industrial strength equipment. Don’t try to dry it out on your own.

If your home or business is showing signs of possible water damage in the Anchorage or Mat Su Valley Areas, please contact the experts at TCM Restoration for help now!