Household Appliances And Water Damage: Is Your Property At Risk?

Water Damage Restoration AnchorageFlood damage can come from a wide range of sources. Equipment breakdowns are one of the most upsetting kinds of flood damage that takes place inside homes. Appliance malfunction is far more common than you would think, it accounts for at least 30 percent of home flood claims. Learning the causes of appliance malfunction in the household can provide valuable insight into how to safeguard yourself and your home. Specific appliances can significantly increase your chances of flooding. The top 5 appliances which can cause flood damage are as follows:

Water Damage Restoration Anchorage

Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the major sources of water damage. They could fail as a result of water leakage, fractures, rust or debris buildup, or ineffective heating elements that result in colder than anticipated water. A modest investment in an annual evaluation can effectively prevent leakages as well as the costly repairs that go along with them. As your water heater ages, keep an eye out for rust, deterioration, and other factors, and also consider replacing it every ten years.

Washing Machine

A washer leak can be a catastrophic and costly experience. The water leak is generally caused by one of the pipework connections, a seal, a gasket, or a pump. Water pipe leaks and clamps are telltale signs of possible failure. Examine your washer hoses and nozzles on a monthly basis for small cracks, dryness, or corrosion, and leave enough space between the washer and the wall for movement while the washing cycle is running. Regardless of how the machine appears, try replacing your device hoses every 5 years.


Your fridge is expected to generate a lot of moisture, particularly in the summer period. A frozen or blocked-up defrost drain is by far the most prevalent cause of a leaky refrigerator. Defrost the ice in the refrigerator and clean the drain with warm water. Poor sealing can result in excessive condensation in an effort to keep cool. Inspect the rubber gaskets all along the door to guarantee a snug fit. Monitor the waterline or hose to ensure proper connection before using your ice machine.


Your kitchen dishwasher can sometimes leak due to failure, excessive detergent, the incorrect kind of detergent, and so on. It can be a volatile system. Due to the large amount, the resulting water leak is more akin to flood damage. The piping connections which may be causing the pool of water on your flooring are valves, hoses, and switches. Keep in mind that dishwaters are usually manually operated, and an overflow of water can result from having to add excess detergent to every cycle.

Call The Pros

If you incur water damage as a result of any of these causes, don’t waste any time contacting a professional. Do not let a simple home appliance water leak bring significant flood damage to the structure. Call TCM Restoration & Cleaning for 24/7 water damage restoration in Anchorage. We are skilled at cleaning up after water heaters, refrigerators, washers and dryers, and any other kind of household appliance. Call us today!