Water Damage Restoration: Long-Term Effects

water damage restoration anchorage, water damage anchorage, water damage repair anchorageThere are few things that get more on people’s nerves than water damage and restoration costs. Every household is different, but water damage affects all homes in one way or the other. Some examples include: washing machine water supply line breaking, toilet over flowing, water heater that bursts or pipes that break.   All could lead to structural damage, and moisture leaking into crawl spaces or under windows or walls. 

Water damage is not fun, and below is a list of the long term effects of water damage, and the costs of restoration if not taken care of in your Anchorage home: 

Water Damage Restoration In Anchorage and the Mat Su Valley

Water Contamination: 

When water comes into your home where it isn’t supposed to, it is important to identify where it is coming from so you know what is in the water, and if anything in it is potentially dangerous to you and your family. That being said, did you know that even water from a clean, sanitary source can begin to grow bacteria and become gray water, which requires more care and precaution to clean up? Cleaning up water damage quickly can help you avoid this unfortunate situation.

Extensive Mold Growth

Mold can start to grow in your wet home just 24 hours after flooding or other water damage occurs. One of the serious risks of attempted Do-It-Yourself water damage cleanup in the home is that people who opt for this method often miss a few trouble spots in nooks and crannies of their homes. Even if you do a great job at water damage restoration in 90% of your home, unfortunately, the 10% of areas that you miss because you can’t see them right off the bat will be a nightmare later. Mold can grow in these spots and cause musty smells, health risks, unsightly discoloration, and potentially structural damage later. 

Potential Electrical Damage

This seems self-explanatory, but there is severe danger when electricity hits water. This can include things like cords, plugs, outlets, and other sources of electricity. If you see any sort of outlet or other electrical issues near the water damage, contact the professionals as soon as you can! However, remember that safety comes first, so please be aware of your surroundings.

Unless you’re an expert in this field, we highly recommend calling professional water damage restoration teams when you have wide-spread water damage in your home. Long-term damages in this area are never worth risking. Luckily, not every water damage emergency has to be severe, or bring consequences like the ones described above. As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do to decrease your chances of dealing with these effects is to call a water damage restoration expert for help when you find yourself facing a water damage emergency in your home. For water damage emergencies in Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla or Palmer… TCM Restoration ought to be your first call!