Repairing and Restoring your Garage from Winter Weather Damage

water damage restoration anchorageWhen we choose to live in Anchorage, Alaska, we spend a substantial amount of effort to protect our bodies, cars, and homes from the harsh weather. Take steps that snow and rain don’t get inside your sheds, outbuildings, or garage. It’s a lot easier to safely store your lawn equipment, artificial Christmas tree and vehicles in a protected space. And then you can smirk at your neighbors as you watch them dig their cars out of a snowbank on the street.

The risk you face is three fold. 1) Moisture  could seriously damage any items you have stored in your garage. Wooden cabinets and workbenches are not designed to face the elements. 2) Snow and sleet carry road salt into the space that can corrode concrete, metal and structural wood elements. 3) Humidity inside poorly lit and poorly ventilated spaces could cause mold. Toxic mold can put you, your family and your pets at risk of developing serious respiratory problems.

If you do have some moisture problems in your garage, call the TCM team to repair and restore the damage now, before next year’s snow. 

How Does Water Get In?

TCM Restoration has seen lots of residences in the Last Frontier that have suffered from water damage. Some of the damaging snow and sleet comes in on the bumper and tires of your vehicles every night. Rain and snow can also creep in through cracks around the garage door or around damaged windows.

But some of the moisture collects out of the moist, trapped air. Condensation forms if you park your wet car in the warm garage. In the garage, this humidity can rust  tools and degrade electronic components. It also warps the wood of your garage door or the sides of the tracks for your garage door are mounted. Then even larger gaps allow even more snow inside.  

Protect The Concrete Slab

One of the least glamorous parts of your home needs your protection. The concrete floor of the garage is apt to degrade under constant pressure from water and salt during the winter. Brush off your vehicle before parking it. Then use a squeegee to quickly push the majority snow melt out of your garage parking spot.  

Take it up a level and invest in garage mats with a small lip to hold the melted water. But don’t let it build up or mold will grow. You could go down a level and use large, flattened cardboard boxes. The porous material will be able to soak up the water and trap the chemical deicer. Then dispose of, or recycle, the material and place a fresh layer.  

Lastly, unblock any frozen garage drains that become obstructed by leaves, twigs, frozen water or snow. If you constantly have standing water is a problem in old garages, you can install a sump pump, a pit, and flexible hoses. 

Dehumidify and Dry the Air

A hygrometer measures humidity; buy one to keep track of the amount in your garage.  A small to medium sized dehumidifier will be able to reduce the levels in just a couple of hours. Invest in blower fans, ceiling fans or other fans to improve circulation and dry out the floor. 

For Any Snow and Water Damage Restoration in Anchorage

In a town with perfect weather, a great garage is nice to have. In Anchorage, it is a necessity! TCM Restoration & Cleaning (The Carpet Man Inc.) is an independent, Alaskan owned business that has been serving Anchorage and Mat Su Valley since 1996. This local, small cleaning business wants to repair and restore your garage so it can protect your cars, trucks and even livelihood. 

For any emergencies involving water damage in Anchorage, call TCM Restoration & Cleaning. They will quickly arrive with state of the art equipment, and several well trained, dedicated team members. Let our water damage restoration experts bring the manpower and equipment to save your home, garage and life from more chaos.