What To Do After A House Fire

fire damage restoration anchorageAfter a fire has damaged your home, the most important steps to take after the flames are out and making sure everyone is safe, is to contact a fire damage restoration company like TCM Restoration who can assess the damage and begin the restoration process. Smoke and soot from a fire can continue to cause more damage after the flames are out – the longer they sit unattended, the further the damage can spread. 

Here are a few things that you might not think about when planning the cleanup and restoration after a fire

Fire Damage Restoration In Anchorage and Mat Su Valley

  1. Make sure you and your family have a place to stay until your home is safe and livable again, if necessary. It can be tempting to keep living in your home, especially if the damage is minimal, but take the time to make sure you and your family are safe. Lingering smoke and soot can be harmful to your health and should not be breathed in. So make sure you are taking the proper measures to maintain your health and wellness.
  2. If you rent, immediately call your landlord.
  3. Contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will want records and documentation of the disaster. Ask what you should do to help with this and be sure to work with emergency responders and your cleanup and restoration team to make sure you have the documentation you need for the insurance claim.
  4. Take care of your pets. Even if your pets seem healthy, you should always have them looked at by a vet if they were exposed to the fire. Pets can have smoke damage in their lungs, or may have burns under their fur that are hard to see.
  5. Avoid using dishes, eating food, or sitting on furniture after a fire. Even if they look okay, these goods might be damaged and can harm you. Even food that is canned or in a freezer or fridge can be damaged due to exposure to extreme heat. Any food exposed to a house fire should be thrown away. Dishes and furniture should be cleaned by contents cleaning experts – typically your fire damage restoration crew can help. Don’t use electronics until they’ve been deemed safe by a fire damage restoration professional.
  6. Don’t get too ambitious with your own cleaning efforts. Ask your fire damage restoration crew what you can do to help, but avoid wiping down walls or being heavily exposed to soot, which can contain harmful chemicals.

If you live in Anchorage or any surrounding area and have experienced a  house fire, don’t let a bad restoration company add to your woes. TCM Restoration is skilled and experienced in fire damage restoration and should be your first call after you sustain fire damage in your home.