How Is Home Water Damage Restoration Performed?

water damage restoration anchorageDiscovering a flood, or leaking pipe (or appliance) in your home is surprising despite it being one of the most common homeowner issues. Because mold can start to grow (making water damage restoration more costly and complicated) in as little as 24 hours on some surfaces of your home when wet, having a well-oiled plan is an important part of water damage restoration. Here are a few of the first steps we recommend: 

Water Damage Restoration In Anchorage

Identify The Source Of The Water

Can you somehow turn it off, block, or catch it at the source? Is the water “clean?” If it is rainwater for irrigation water, or if it comes from used sewage or the waste of normal household processes, it could contain harmful chemicals and you ought to be careful with it. Wear gloves and avoid standing in the water. Even water that looks clear can be dangerous. 

Call A Professional

Too many people draw out the cleanup and restoration by hesitating to call water damage restoration experts. Water damage is one area where professionals are worth the extra time and money because they can help clean up water damage faster and safer than doing it on your end In the end, calling a professional often SAVES money because they do things right the first time and avoid costly errors that allow damage to spread.

Even if you’ve procrastinated calling for help, getting in touch with professional water damage cleanup experts at any point in the process is a good idea. Maybe you tried it alone and realized you were in over your head? Maybe you’re kicking yourself because you think it’s too late, so you’re scanning the internet for DIY tips? Call a professional now. They have the resources, expertise, and cleaners for any job. For water damage restoration in Anchorage and surrounding locations, TCM Restoration is a great resource. 

Dry And Dehumidify The Area

During the drying and dehumidifing process, we take extra steps to avoid dirty and contaminated water. We make sure that is safe to use the electricity and we set up industrial strength fans to help dry out the area. Buckets and towels can help remove excess amounts of water before a water damage cleanup crew arrives, but make sure it is safe to do so. 

Open up air flow to affected areas as much as possible. Removing rugs, moveable, small furniture, and clutter will help water damage experts assess the situation and make appropriate next steps, as well as helping water evaporate and air move efficiently through the area. 

Monitor The Area

After full restoration has taken place, talk to your restoration crew and make sure you understand why the water damage occurred. Check on the area after the restoration to make sure everything looks good. If you notice signs of water damage in the future (in this or any other spot) you’ll be ready to jump right on to it, preventing further damage that occurs when you don’t catch it as fast. 

TCM Restoration In Anchorage, The Valley & Other Locations

If you’ve sustained water damage, Don’t worry. TCM Restoration has years of experience handling water removal, dry-outs, cleaning up after sewage backsup and pipe bursts, and much more! Let our experts help clean and restore your home after a water disaster and safely get your home back to normal again.