Duct Cleaning

Looking For Relief From your Allergies and Asthma?

Air Duct Cleaning Might Be The Answer

A few years ago I had a client call for carpet cleaning. She wanted to get the carpet cleaned because her son had allergies. They wanted to try to get rid of the dust, dirt, pet dander and dust mites in the carpet.

We inspected the carpet and found that there was dirt in the carpet all around the heating vents. I said, “Yes, I should be able to get most of that out of the carpet, however it looks like that dirt is coming from your duct system.”

We see this thing all the time. Every time your furnace turns on, it’s “blowing dust into your home.” I knew right then that I had to find a way to help.

But what does a carpet cleaner know about duct cleaning? We didn’t want to dive right in with a half baked plan to try to clean air ducts without proper training. If we was going to start cleaning ducts, we wanted to offer the same level of competence and expertise that we offer our clients for carpet cleaning.

We obtained the best training in the industry and became¬†accredited in Advance Ventilation System Cleaning by the Mechanical Systems Hygiene Institute, which is a division of the Association of Specialists of Cleaning Restoration. What I learned was that…

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You.

So Here’s How We Deliver Exceptional Duct Cleaning Services

We are confident that our duct cleaning services are the best, and we truly care about the health of our customers. We use a powerful Hepa-Aire vacuum system that connects directly to your duct system near the furnace.

Long lengths of air hose with special 360 degree high velocity nozzles are connected to the compressor and ‘snaked’ through the entire duct system, dislodging debris that has accumulated on inner duct surfaces. Sometimes we use manual brushes or rotating power brushes if necessary.

The Hepa-Aire unit creates a powerful vacuum, pulling dislodged contaminants into its filtration system. This filtration system is so efficient that it captures contaminants 1/300th the diameter of a human hair and returns filtered “hospital grade” air to your home. Once your duct system has been cleaned, we reseal all access holes and your ducts are returned to “like new” condition.

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If you are concerned about the health of your home and what may be trapped inside your air ducts, call TCM Restoration & Cleaning today! We can help you reduce the dirt and allergens in your home for a healthier environment for you and your family.

Duct Cleaning Quiz

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to have your air duct system professionally cleaned.

  1. Does anyone in the house have allergies, asthma or other breathing problems?
  2. Does anyone in your family suffer from headaches, nasal congestion or other sinus problems at night or in the morning?
  3. Is there a smoker in your house?
  4. Do you have dogs, cats or other pets?
  5. Do you notice “musty” or “stale” odors when the furnace runs?
  6. Do you notice dust on the furniture shortly after cleaning?
  7. Does it seem like there is not enough air flow coming from your vents?
  8. Is your furnace equipped only with a standard throw away fiberglass filter?