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How Do I Know If My Home Has Water Damage?

When it comes to water, you’d think spotting it in a home would be pretty easy to do, right? You go to your crawl space to grab some things you put in storage and there is water everywhere.  Or, perhaps your washing machine is making a funny noise, and you are greeted by several inches […]

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What Does A Fire Damage Restoration Company Do?

In response to a car wreck, first responders show up within minutes, to safely assess and transport people who may be hurt. Though their response is critical and important, we don’t rely on just first responders for our health care. Ambulances transfer people to hospitals, where healing can take place over time with the help […]

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Where Water Damage Might Be Lurking In Your Home

Water damage can happen in nearly any area of your home. Oftentimes, water damage goes un-detected for long periods of time because of where it happens, and how minor the water source is. Slow leaks in areas that don’t see a lot of foot traffic are likely to suffer extensive water damage and mold. When […]

fire damage restoration anchorage

Avoid Disasters: Stay Away From DIY Fire Damage Cleanup

Fires, whether big or small, cause major damage to homes and businesses in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, and surrounding communities. Structural fires are a nightmare to clean up and can become bigger problems than they initially started out as if they are not handled properly. TCM Restoration has years of experienced cleaning and restoring buildings […]

water damage restoration anchorage

Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage happens to homes and businesses for a number of reasons. Indoor pipes might burst, the bathtub can overflow, seasonal rain can infiltrate the property, or an appliance might malfunction. Whatever the reason, water damage needs to be contained and cleaned up immediately to avoid extended damage and costly repairs. However, water damage isn’t […]

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Fire Damage Restoration Professionals: Why Do We Need Them?

Fire is one of the four elements of the earth. Just like water, air, and earth, we need fire. However, fire can be a hazard as well. It can cause great damage and it can be very devastating when the damage hits close to home or is your home. Fire isn’t descrimitive, if allowed it […]

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What To Look For In A Fire Damage Restoration Company

Hiring a fire damage restoration company you can rely on is a difficult task. When you hire a water damage restoration company, you are putting a lot of trust in them that they’ll be able to give your home the care it deserves. Here are five qualities of a good fire damage restoration company you […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes Your Home Shine

As we all spent more time in our homes over the last year, we realized it really is our refuge. Having a safe haven in the storm allowed us to work, go to school, care for our families and live our best lives– even in a difficult year. Whether you are happy with the floors […]

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Surprising Health Effects Of Fire Damage And Why Restoration Services Are Necessary

In 2017, fires were responsible for over $23 billion dollars of property damage. Nearly half of the people who die from fires die from smoke damage. Since smoke is a harmful mix of particles and gases, inhalation can cause inflammation in the lungs and airways, blocking oxygen transfer. Fortunately, most people won’t have to respond […]

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Knowing The Next Step For Fire Damage And Restoration

So you have had a fire with some intense damage to your Anchorage or Mat Su Valley home, and you are wondering what is next. TCM Restoration is here to help you fully understand what the next steps are to getting home back in order. With every home disaster, there can be many variables, but […]