Fire Damage Restoration Anchorage

The Truth about Fire Damage Restoration

The truth about fire damage is that it can be much worse than most people think. If you have just experienced a house fire, the following might sound surprising to you. Fire Damage Restoration Anchorage There is a reason why it is important to act quickly after water damage, but you’re probably wondering what that […]

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Do You Need Water Damage Removal Services? Here’s What You Should Know

Don’t let the damage happen to your property – when water damage happens, it can result in costly repairs and major loss of personal possessions. Having a professional water damage company inspect the home immediately is essential. Water damage is one of the most common reasons for needing to call in a water restoration professional. […]

fire damage restoration anchorage

Top Leading Causes of Preventable House Fires

In a big state like ours, remote wildfires can burn hundreds of acres of wilderness with little disruption to our lives. But here in Anchorage, preventable house fires can leave another path of chaos. Annually structured fires cause about 90% of all reported property damage in Alaska, totaling $65M dollars. Knowing the most common causes […]

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Repairing and Restoring your Garage from Winter Weather Damage

When we choose to live in Anchorage, Alaska, we spend a substantial amount of effort to protect our bodies, cars, and homes from the harsh weather. Take steps that snow and rain don’t get inside your sheds, outbuildings, or garage. It’s a lot easier to safely store your lawn equipment, artificial Christmas tree and vehicles […]

Water Damage Restoration Anchorage

Water Damage Prevention Tips for Anchorage

Winter weather is notorious for bringing with it treacherous driving conditions, freezing temperatures, and a high risk of water damage. Anchorage, Alaska is no exception. From our restoration experts, here are some tips that will help you prevent water damage to your home or business before it happens. Water and moisture can do a lot […]

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Minor Damages Still Need Fire Damage Restoration

A common question we hear at TCM Restoration is, “Do I need fire damage restoration if the damage is minor?” Here is the tricky thing about fire damage, there is always more damage than just what was burned by the flames. Even when the fire seems minor, there are potential hazards and threats that linger, […]

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Breaking Down Water Damage Restoration Costs

Did you know that, according to the Insurance Information Institute, 1 in 50 homes across the United States files a water damage claim each year? That results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance claims every year. Just how much should you prepare to cover the costs of water damage restoration if it is […]

Fire Damage Restoration in Anchorage: Common Causes

The National Fire Protection Association reported that a fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds on average every year across the United States, with reports of home fires every 93 seconds. That statistic seems alarming, and it is. Anchorage House fires are devastating and dangerous and occur way too often. Let’s look at […]

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Challenges of Fighting House Fires In Extreme Cold and Snowy Conditions

Constant summer sunshine adds to the laid-back feeling and easy going flow. We love hiking, boating and ziplining to enjoy the great outdoors. In winter, we get out to snowboard and ski but also enjoy the great indoors.  Here in Anchorage, cold-weather operations can be strenuous during the cold winters and long nights. Fighting fires […]

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What Are The Classes and Categories Of Water Damage?

When you have had water damage in your home, you will hear the insurance and restoration professionals refer to the source and severity of the damage. Classification describes the severity of the damage to the home. Category determines how clean the source of the water was. While anyone can have a conversation, only a licensed […]